The Gospel of Us

The Gospel of UsThe Gospel of Us is Owen’s novelisation of National Theatre of Wales’s THE PASSION, starring and directed by Michael Sheen. The novella was produced by NTW as a three book set, released daily across the 72 hours of THE PASSION over the Easter weekend 2011. Designed by Elfen, this limited edition is available from NTW’s online shop:

The Gospel of Us was launched on Saturday 7th April, 1.00pm at Port Talbot Library, 1st Floor, Aberafan Shopping Centre, Port Talbot.

The Guardian Books, Editors’ picks:

Owen Sheers discusses the National Theatre of Wales’ memory event which marks the first anniversary of its award-winning production, The Passion, with Claudia Winkleman on Radio 2: (30 March 2012)


“I realise I’m not someone you’d usually be listening to; that normally you’d rather cross the street than risk hearing what I had to say – but you need to hear this. Imagine me. My eyes hidden in the shadow of a Hoodie, trackie bottoms, daps. The kid you recognise but never know; the kid with a dog slouch of a walk, a marble hardness in his eye. The kid who’s half kid, half man. Who’s stuck.

Don’t expect me to be speaking like this do you? Well, I never used to. But he changed all that didn’t he? And that’s why you need to hear this. Because this happened, and it happened here, to us. Believe me.

Whenever my Bampa was down the social telling a story he’d pause before the best bits, lick his finger, touch it to his throat then, so’s you could only just hear him, whisper ‘God’shonesttruth now.’ Then he’d carry on, making all them other men lean in over their pints and cans, listening.

Well I’m licking my own finger now. And touching my throat. But it isn’t God’s Honest Truth what I’m going to tell you. It’s ours.”